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Meaning of gender equality

The true sense of Gender Equality !!

It’s been quite a few years since I have been observing gender discrimination in society and all these years, the only one thing that I have found common is, people, either favor male dominance or female dominance. The former one is quite often observed not just in rural areas but also among those who live in big societies with a narrow mindset. The latter one is becoming more trendy in urban areas probably because they now have terms like FEMINISM to justify their point and make it sound a little cooler & modern. Half knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing …

Women Rape

Can a man jealous of a rising woman result in rape?

The other day, I was watching Mardaani 2. The movie depicts the story of a brutal rape case based on a true story. From raping the women to beating her with a pointed belt till death and eating away the flesh from her neck, the rapist did every possible callous act beyond one’s imagination. Apart from having brutal sexual desire as one of the reasons to rape, the other shocking reason behind his act was ‘Not being able to see women rising above men’. So much obsessed with his sexuality & gender, he could not bear the fact of women …

LGBT and section 377 decriminalisation

Decriminalization of Section 377

Around 2 months back, while I was on my way to the office, I remember there were a couple of beggars at the traffic signal. They looked a little different from other people, their body language was quite different too. While some people around me were looking at them with suspicious eyes, others had an expression of being scared. Some people even abused them probably considering it as their right and blatantly violating the rules of section 377. As the light turned to green, all of us left the place but a question stuck to my mind since then. It’s …