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broad-minded and gender equality

Are you really Broad minded?

Have you ever noticed the pattern of thinking in people around us? You must have heard of the terms ‘broad-minded’ and ‘narrow-minded’. The former ones tend to be okay with everything, be it a woman wearing a short dress or a man mopping the floor at his home, they don’t judge. The latter ones tend to be objecting over the simplest things, calling a woman standing among men, a slut while a man helping his wife in house chores, a henpecked. I was wondering if these are the only types of people we’re surrounded with? Guess what? I observed that …

domestic violence during covid-19 lockdown

Domestic Violence rises during Covid-19 lockdown

While we were all enjoying watching our favorite show Ramayana, do you know that a woman was being dragged over the floor by her husband? When we were uploading pictures of our first cooking experience, do you know that a woman with big patches on her face was begging her husband to spare her from beating further? While we were thinking that the COVID-19 lockdown has given us a golden period to relax & enjoy at home, there were women who were bleeding & screaming for help and just wanted to escape. As per an analysis by Hindustan Times, some …

men don't cry

Real Men don’t cry : says Gender Discrimination

At the age of 4 – Arey, Ladka hoke rota hai?  Ladke toh bahadur hote hain. (Oh, Being a boy, you’re crying? Boys are supposed to be brave.) Did you just imagine a parent saying this to a kid? That’s because we’ve all heard it at some point in our life. That little innocent kid wanted to cry so hard and tell everyone how hurt he was, but then that term ‘bahadur’ gave him a good vibe so he decided to become one. When he turned 5 – Arey, Ladka hoke rota hai? Uncle kya sochenge? (Oh, Being a boy, …