I am pretty sure that by now you’ve read the title of my website which makes it quite obvious to perceive my name ALREADY !!  I am not so happy if that’s not the case.

Well, My name is Riya Garg. For some completely unknown reasons, I turned out to be an Engineer though I’ve always had interest in literature and Art. I’ve been into writing stuff since my childhood. From writing a poetry to daily diary writing and jotting down my everyday feelings, I’ve always felt some different kind of excitement altogether. I remember holding a mic for the very first time during my school days, I felt so anxious, hesitant, nervous & what not, but then someone once told me –

Make this mic your friend, and you’ll no more be scared of it.

The second time I held that mic, the fear wasn’t same, infact it was almost gone, I was turning confident with every new turn. Since then, I’ve become passionate towards Public Speaking too.

Blogging was never into my mind but I’ve always had a desire to showcase my writing skills and get into the competitive world of it, because I know there’s alooooooot more to enhance and a LONG LONG WAY TO GO ….

I believe in equality irrespective of gender, and it’s high time that we all start building a better understanding of it amongst ourselves, therefore, I’ve chosen blogging as a medium to spread awareness over same meanwhile grabbing a chance to write better & better & better everyday.