Domestic Violence rises during Covid-19 lockdown

domestic violence during covid-19 lockdown

While we were all enjoying watching our favorite show Ramayana, do you know that a woman was being dragged over the floor by her husband? When we were uploading pictures of our first cooking experience, do you know that a woman with big patches on her face was begging her husband to spare her from beating further? While we were thinking that the COVID-19 lockdown has given us a golden period to relax & enjoy at home, there were women who were bleeding & screaming for help and just wanted to escape. As per an analysis by Hindustan Times, some were physically abused, some were beaten even more after the husband found out that a complaint has been filed against him and one was even beaten till death. The cases of domestic violence have doubled during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Remember the recent long queues of alcoholics at the liquor stores???

There were men who couldn’t survive without alcohol, so their hankering took a form of domestic violence. Beating their wives day in and day out, abusing and torturing them, making them a puppet to bear an alcohol addict’s frustration, these monsters did acts beyond domestic violence. Believe it or not, domestic violence is worse in the poorer section of society but the middle class and upper-middle-class sections are no behind. A working woman is expected to do all the house chores perfectly along with her job, all she gets in return is the abuse for those little imperfections. Not just by the husband but she is also tortured and abused by her in-laws in the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse, and mental torture.

It’s heart-wrenching to know such incidents taking place around us, that so many women are silently screaming for help every second of their life. Now the question that arises is Why does this happen? How can this be stopped? And most important of all, what do we need to change? All the women out there, you must know that you aren’t a slave to your partner, you have to stop accepting the domestic violence as part of your life. You need to know that a mere certificate of marriage doesn’t give away the right to treat you in any unwanted way, be it any form of abuse. You need to know and make your partner understand that no reason on this Earth gives him the right to touch you without your permission. SPEAK UP, SHARE AND TALK ABOUT IT !! That’s the first and foremost thing you should do. Saving a relationship isn’t a single-sided responsibility, it has to happen both ways, so stop saving your relationship at the cost of your body & self-respect. If you don’t speak up for yourself today, your daughter might grow up learning the same from you.

Abusing your life partner doesn’t show how powerful you are but your illiteracy definitely gets reflected. It’s extremely difficult to digest the fact that how a mother can encourage his son to beat his wife, and in fact contribute to doing so. If a woman cannot feel the pain of a woman, who else will?

For women facing domestic violence in India, help can be sought at the National Commission For Women to file a complaint. NCW has launched a Whatsapp number 7217735372 for help & assistance to women facing domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown. If we do not fall into the category of ones who need it, it’s our responsibility to share the information with the ones in need but doesn’t have access to it.

Apart from women being harassed and abused, there is a great percentage of men who had become victims of domestic abuse by their female partners, unfortunately, no one talks about it. I’ll be writing a separate article altogether about men victims of domestic violence so that they aren’t overlooked. Let’s make sure that we start taking a stand for ourselves, be it a man or a woman. Because bringing the change begins with you !!

It’s up to us if we want a LIFE PARTNER OR a LIFE TAKING PARTNER ???

Let’s discuss this in the comment section and tell us if you’ve got some great solution to this, it might help someone.

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  1. Arpit says:

    Have cases all around the world of domestic abuse .. Whatever may be the reason is, you can’t just hit someone .. The so called INDIAN LAWS also can’t do justice with the affected one’s, whether it’s men or women. Even false domestic abuse cases has been filed but no action against women. People need to get out of books nd learn humanity.

  2. Akriti Thakur says:

    Wonderfully written article Riya.
    The main problem of all this is that since childhood we are taught that ‘you are a girl’ you are not suppose to speak up in front of your father, husband, brother or anyone for instance. Doesn’t matter how the other person is treating you whether they are beating you or abusing you, but you should take it all without uttering a word, that’s what good girls do. Since childhood this bullshit is fed to us but it’s not even our parents fault per se, cause all their life they have been taught the same. But it’s high time that we do something about it, we need to break this chain, we need to start treating our girls as our boys and we need to tell them that no gender has any superiority over the other one.

  3. Domestic violence can be stopped only when women stop tolerating this because by accepting this they are demeaning themselves and we should stand by such victims not just ignoring that we have nothing to do with that lady or by any excuse. We will be responsible only when we take stand towards these evils of our society.

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