Can a man jealous of a rising woman result in rape?

Women Rape

The other day, I was watching Mardaani 2. The movie depicts the story of a brutal rape case based on a true story. From raping the women to beating her with a pointed belt till death and eating away the flesh from her neck, the rapist did every possible callous act beyond one’s imagination. Apart from having brutal sexual desire as one of the reasons to rape, the other shocking reason behind his act was ‘Not being able to see women rising above men’. So much obsessed with his sexuality & gender, he could not bear the fact of women even thinking to rise, get a job, and get equal space in the society as that of men. What forced me to write this blog was his latter reason to rape.

We all live in a society where a man is taught about a set of certain responsibilities to be fulfilled by him and a woman is taught another set of responsibilities that she needs to take up. The society raises a boy child preaching him all the future financial responsibilities while a girl child by preaching her all the future household responsibilities. Not realizing the need of a man to learn household jobs as well and a woman to take up financial responsibilities as well, a sense of hatred towards rising women gets developed in men. And in some cases, this kind of hatred just grows and grows and grows every day, thereby, sometimes becoming a reason for such deliberately committed cruel acts.

Though there has been a significant change in the way a girl and a boy are raised nowadays, yet there’s quite a big percentage of the population still required to change their mindsets. With time, we’ve all started to promote the girl child’s education and have realized the importance of self-dependant women but we’ve still not realized the importance of telling a man the importance of WHY A SELF DEPENDENT WOMEN? As a consequence, they start seeing women as a barrier, a hurdle to their success, which is absolutely wrong.

If a woman is proud of being able to share the rent of the house, groceries, and all other expenses along with all the household work. Why can’t a man be proud of being able to help in all household work along with sharing the expenses? A rising woman isn’t a matter of jealousy and insecurity, and society needs to understand this. Statements like –

  1. Managing the house, cooking good food, and raising children are all that a great woman supposed to do.
  2. Oh I am earning so well! What’s the need for you to go out and earn too? A few bucks of yours won’t add up much to the basket.
  3. Isn’t my money your money too? Why do you want to earn then?

People passing such statements every now and then need to understand that it’s not about whether her few bucks would add up to your income, or that she doesn’t consider his brother’s or father’s or husband’s money as her own. It’s about the freedom she is looking forward too, it’s about that zeal of doing something great which she has been dreaming all her life just like a man. And becoming a victim of such monstrous acts of rape on demanding just a little freedom and equal space to chase her dreams, is extremely devastating. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT.

We not only need to promote girl child’s education, gender equality but also need to make other genders understand the importance of it so that tomorrow someone’s insecurity doesn’t become the reason of someone else’s rape, so that tomorrow our society gets a grown-up responsible & broad-minded men, not a grown-up insecure & cold-blooded criminal.

What are your views on this? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Men jealous of women’s progress but really are they jealous of their sister’s and mother’s progress too ???

  2. Bhavna Rathi says:

    It’s bitter but true. When people talk about gender equality, all they can think of is the bookish definition rather than being able to understand the depth of its roots and those unsaid, unheard and understated issues that come handy with it like stop crying like a girl, why is she out at this hour of night, and what not as if being a girl catches a label of all the possible scrutiny of fickel-minded people.

  3. Nehal Sharma says:

    You nailed it..!!

  4. Arpit says:

    Issue greatly raised .. We say today that we r heading towards equality, but, no one actually knows the meaning of it .. For some women, equality is dominance, and for some men, their ego is way more precious than someone’s rights .. Even parents are to be criticized for this bcoz they are the first ones creating that mindset while raising their child .. The day when everything will be done on the same ground irrespective of the gender, will be the day worth living for.

  5. Vishnu agarwal says:

    Beautifully explained !!!
    Harsh reality but discussion upon it is of utmost importance….

  6. Naina says:

    Its a kind of harsh reality of our society. Every single person may get motivated by reading about emancipation of women but they would not be able to apply on their life because there is a man ego which they never want to hurt no matter how saint they are. We all have to understand that its not the matter which we study or write. It is much serious then it is seem.

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