The true sense of Gender Equality !!

Meaning of gender equality

It’s been quite a few years since I have been observing gender discrimination in society and all these years, the only one thing that I have found common is, people, either favor male dominance or female dominance. The former one is quite often observed not just in rural areas but also among those who live in big societies with a narrow mindset. The latter one is becoming more trendy in urban areas probably because they now have terms like FEMINISM to justify their point and make it sound a little cooler & modern. Half knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing !!

And this is not it.

In fact, amidst all this buzz, somehow we have completely overlooked the LGBTs for we have never considered them as part of human species. And then, we proudly announce ourselves as modern and well educated. Isn’t that strange? Isn’t that inhuman?

There have been countless rape cases, domestic violence, acid attacks, and more such inhuman acts. But the question that arises is how many of those really get registered?  Further talking about the registered ones, how many of them are really true? And those which are really true, how many of them get justice? Out of the barely justified ones, how many of them get justice on time? The discrimination has reached a level where a female rape case is mourned until years but a male rape case is mourned just for 24 hours on a Whatsapp story after which nobody even gives a damn to get justification for it.

And how about LGBT rape cases? Have we ever even witnessed such a case? NO, because this community is not given space even in media. How is it possible that no one under the LGBT category ever got raped? Isn’t that strange to notice this fact? Because none of us has ever accepted them as a part of this society, hence, no news on their rape, in fact no news at all.

It’s high time that we as humans raise our voice against every inhuman and brutal act, be it a crime, be it misusing a gender to put false allegations on the other one. Both are equally wrong and equally punishable. No Law or order can stop the crime, none of the amendments in the constitution can bring equality until and unless we as an individual change our mindset and understand the importance of it.

I’m neither here to support a gender nor to suppress the others but bring people together to understand the other gender’s point of view before considering theirs as superior. We have all been taught the lessons of Gender Equality during our education but unfortunately somehow we have forgotten to register it in our practical part of life. Empowering all the genders equally keeping in mind the ethics and making sure that we don’t suppress women in name of tradition while men in the name of feminism, and most importantly accept LGBTs like the other two genders, as for me that goes without saying & so should it for all.

I would really like to know what do you all think of it. If you think that an incident witnessed by you isn’t too good to ignore, please share in the comment section and contribute to spreading awareness. What’s your call on it?

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  1. Vidisha Agarwal says:

    Wow…. U nailed it girl… Looking forward for more blogs.

    1. Bhavna Rathi says:

      A bitter and a true fact being shared beautifully.
      It’s high time that we as a society should introspect our moral grounds and stop considering ‘Gender Equality’ as the elephant in the room by realising the need of placing humanity above all.

  2. Iris says:

    Wow… totally a new perspective to the same old topic…loved it!

  3. Sohail Gulam says:

    Wow….. Amazing article

  4. Mamta says:

    Beautifully expressed !!

  5. Abhishek says:

    Till the time gay and girl are used as derogatory words, we won’t come out of this gender inequality dump. For future, please share more of positive stories where people have stood up for change as there are already too many people showing the negative. It can encouraging.

    1. Arpit says:

      Very well explained .. The society today is more inclined towards blaming .. It’s actually Men/Women/LGBT’s versus the fools .. I don’t know how hard it is to understand, even for the educated ones.

    2. Kritee Sagar says:

      A bitter truth. People read, People listen, People ignore. I hope they will understand and treat LGBT COMMUNITY as same as men and women. Great initiative.

  6. Piyush says:

    Very well written, hope more and more people will understand it in our society

  7. Aditi Manglesh says:

    Very well explained.!

  8. Subhash Agarwal says:

    Good,very beautifully expressed & explained the very important topic.hope it will encourage others to make change in our society very fast.

    1. Nehal Sharma says:

      The term feminism came into power a decade or two ago when ladies were not given their rights because of the male dominant society. As a result, today both males and females share the same platform in every field.
      But it’s very disgusting to know that some people misuse this term and as a result give rise to brutal incidents, there by, giving a term, FAKE FEMINISM.
      One should understand tht feminism is not a sword for women to defend themselves.
      It’s the act of lifting up ladies in male dominant society which was in past.
      (Though we still have it at some rural areas.)
      It’s also well said that with rights comes duties as well.
      If feminism is right of ladies, then here comes their duty to give equal importance and respect to males as well which is being diminished from our society because of this FAKE FEMINISM.
      Also, lesbians and gays should be considered as a part of our society, should be accepted as other people coz they too are human beings, they too have whole right to make their own choices and live their life according to their will.
      This society is composed of people with type of genders.
      For a healthy environment everyone should treat each other’s gender with respect.

  9. Akriti Thakur says:

    It’s high time that our society develops equality in mindset with respect to all the genders

  10. Nikita Agarwal says:

    Nice post. Very beautifully written hope it helps people influencing their minds. Good start.

    1. I think government has taken several measures to stop this but it is only possible when people change their mindsets and their thinking that only boy will carry their bloodline, surname and lineage. A man shouldn’t forget he is brought in this world by a woman.

      1. Arpit says:

        Let me clear, Men or women, they r brought in this world by BOTH man and woman .. and govt has taken measures ? Really?? That delhi gangrape culprit is still roaming free .. Behind most of the rape cases, there is a political connection and those culprits r set free .. What measures govt has taken to stop fake rape or dowry cases? Where r the measures to give instant punishment to the rape culprits or those who make false allegations? It’s not abt what a gender or govt shd or shd not forget.. It’s abt the things that should not be misinterpreted in the name of some gender created terminologies

  11. Saloni says:

    Hopefully this post will make people change their attitude towards the LGBTQ community. Very well written!!!

  12. Bhawna says:

    Well explained. I have felt the same for the LGBT COMMUNITY. it’s high time that we stop living a hypocrite’s life and let others live the way they want.

  13. Sourav Kanungo says:

    Very truly expressed the whole spectrum of gender inequality persisting in our society.

  14. Shubham Rajoriya says:

    Empowering all the genders equally keeping in mind the ethics and making sure that we don’t suppress women in name of tradition while men in the name of feminism,

    The best part👏👏

  15. It feels great to see such a healthy discussion going on. I will surely try to come up with some positive and inspiring real-life stories soon, that could help us understand the intensity and need for equality in a better way. Suggestions are always welcome !!

  16. Sarita Jangir says:

    Great !!
    You have talked about a really inspiring and important topic. I appreciate it. And just go ahead with more topics with the inspiring stories.
    Keep it up !!& God bless you

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